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About Doris


Doris Jones has opened the world of storytelling and reading to thousands of children. Drawing from a wide range of classroom and library experiences, she teaches and promotes reading while keeping the audience engaged with her animated, interactive style. From the lively antics of the Ladybug to the "gotcha" ending of a scary story, children discover the fun that stories and reading can bring to their lives. 


A member of Pennin' and Grinnin', the Mississippi Poetry Society, and Poets Anonymous, Doris Jones was selected Mississippi Poet of the Year in 2011. She has penned numerous prize-winning poems and uses original fables and skits in her classroom presentations. 

Teaching Artist

Storyteller Doris Jones uses folktales and original stories as springboards to meet curriculum objectives. Caught up in the sound and movement of stories, children are unaware they are learning, but very much aware they are having fun!

 Doris Jones specializes in elementary classroom residencies tying drama and storytelling to the language arts curriculum.   

Available Services

Performances, and Classrooms, and Residencies... Oh My!

Doris Jones can present storytelling performances or serve as a teaching artist for classroom sessions. Telling tales to young audiences since 1995, she has visited schools, libraries, museums, churches, preschools, and summer camps throughout Mississippi.

Workshops and In-Services for Educators

Children learn eagerly through play and arts exploration. Doris Jones can guide teachers as they practice incorporating play into their lesson plans without losing order in the classroom. Faculty in-services are particularly well received when scheduled immediately after storytelling sessions with the students. 

Creative Writing to Boost Engagement and Learning

Whether incorporating classroom material into a reader's theater format or composing a skit, Doris Jones harnesses her creative writing skills to propel students' engagement and learning. She can also brainstorm with faculty members writing grant proposals and reports to fund performances or residencies. 

Satisfied Listeners

Stanley- 4th Grader

"I really liked your acting. You have a very wild imagination."

Kindergarten Teacher

"Doris, thank you! You were the talk of the afternoon in my classroom! I wish you could have seen how my children chose to spend the afternoon--telling stories to each other. They took turns being the storyteller and being the audience! You had a tremendous impact on my students!"

Myles- 8 years old

"Your storytelling made me have a happy imagination."

Adult Workshop Particpant

"I loved it! I could listen forever. I caught myself doing faces along with you."  

4th Grade Teacher

"Not only does Doris communicate beautifully with the students, she has their full attention during the entire performance. She is a tremendous asset to the arts program."

Pat Jordan, Poet

"She wears enchantment like a glove."


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