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“I really liked your acting. You have a very wild imagination.”
Stanley, 4th grader
(Young Writer’s Workshop Participant)
“Doris, thank you! You were the talk of the afternoon in my classroom! I wish you could have seen how my children chose to spend the afternoon-- telling stories to each other. They took turns being the storyteller and being the audience! You had a tremendous impact on my students!”
Kindergarten Teacher
“Your storytelling made me have a happy imagination.”
Myles, eight years old
“Not only does Doris communicate beautifully with the students, she has their full attention during the entire performance. She is a tremendous asset to the arts program!”
4th Grade Teacher
“I loved it! I could listen forever. I caught myself doing faces along with you.”
Adult Workshop Participant 
“She wears enchantment like a glove.”
Pat Jordan, Poet
“The kids really appreciated your excitement and animation. You have such a refreshing talent!”
Susan, mother of four-year-old
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